7 Manicure Tips To Salon-Worthy Nails

How To Get The Perfect Manicure At Home

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It’s frustrating to spend hours carefully and happily painting your nails, only for it to dry and turn out bumpy or cracked, peeling off within days if not minutes. Well, you could easily get your nails done at a salon but I’m sure getting my nails done every couple of weeks is certainly not part of my budget. So, how do you do your nails to get a salon-worthy result?  What tricks do you think your manicurist uses? With my research with some of the best manicurists, I’ve compiled 7 simple manicure tips (your manicurist secrets…lol) for making your nail polish last longer without cracking or peeling. Grab that beautiful polish you’ve always wanted to try and let’s go…

1. Avoid shaking your nail polish before using

Resist the urge to shake your nail polish before use. You might feel, what has that got to do? Well, shaking your polish leads to bubbles, bubbles lead to chipping and chipping does not make your nails last. Instead, roll your polish between your hands to mix together without forming bubbles.

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2. Better To Go For A Waterless Manicure

As you might know, manis have included water to soak your cuticles when applying your nail polish, but the issue with this is that it expands your nail plate. You see, our nails are extremely porous and can absorb water even quicker than our skin. The nail expands when it absorbs water and shrinks when dry (within hours of completing your manicure). Your polish cannot contract as your nails do, they chip and crack prematurely when your nails get back to their normal size. The best option is to opt for a waterless manicure when doing your nails. To remove any excess cuticle, you can use a buffer instead, or clip if it’s hanging but avoid soaking in water.

Even after getting your nails done, avoid excessive soaking of hands in water to make your nails last longer (perfect excuse to avoid doing the dishes). But, if you can’t prevent dipping your hands in water, always wear gloves when doing your chores. This will prevent your nails from getting in contact with water and thus, improve their longevity.

3. Buff Your Nails For A Smooth Surface

Buff your nails before applying your nail polish so that you have a smooth surface for your nail polish to stay on. Uneven nail surface can lead to cracking. After buffing your nails, swipe through with a polish remover (even if you are not wearing any polish). This removes any residue oil on your nails that can prevent your nail polish from fully adhering to your nails.

4. Apply a base coat before your nail polish

Just like you’d apply a primer before your makeup to ensure a good base for your makeup, it’s important to apply your basecoat to your nail polish. Basecoat allows the polish to adhere to your nails to prevent chipping. So, always apply your basecoat to your nails before applying any nail polish.

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5. Do Not Overcoat

I do make that mistake though! Most of us think that “a thick coat signifies a stronger and lasting nail. Wrong! It’s the total opposite. Though, when applying your nail polish, you might apply multiple coats but do not overcoat. Even your coats shouldn’t be more than 3 or 4. Apply a thin coat each time and leave to dry in between (wait like 5 to 10 minutes between each coat). Although you may not have that much time to spare, it’s always nicer to let your coat dry before applying another. You can use your phone to keep an alarm while playing games. The thinner the coats and the longer you let them dry in-between, the longer your beautiful nails will last.

6. Never Forget Your Topcoat

As you use your setting spray to lock in your makeup and prevent smudging, you’d want to also apply a topcoat once you are done applying your nail polish. The topcoat helps to lock in your nail polish and prevent cracking or peeling, thus making your favorite color last longer. The common mistake most people make when doing their manicure at home is that they carelessly apply their topcoats thinking it’s transparent and won’t show. It will definitely show once dry. Just like you will apply your nail polish, neatly apply your topcoat and avoid applying on the cuticles as this can make your nail polish peel. Another important manicure tip is to apply the topcoat over the edge of your nail to seal your nail polish and prevent tip wear.

Manicure Tips
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7. Use Cuticle Oil

A simple way to look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon is to use cuticle oil which instantly moisturizes your nails. When you apply the oil over your finished nails, it gives them a very shiny look. And even if you accidentally hit your nails against something, the oil makes it slip so they are less likely to chip. Cuticle oil gives your beautiful nails a lasting shine.

Do not use cuticle oil before a manicure, the oil will prevent the nail polish from adhering to your nail.

Manicure Tips

So, next time you grab your favorite nail polish, remember to follow these simple manicure tips to make your beautiful nails last longer.

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