21 Best Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Life A 100 Times Easier

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Whether you are a beginner or a beauty pro, you can’t go wrong with knowing a few makeup tips and tricks that will make your life 100 times easier. I’m here with the 21 best makeup tricks and secrets you would love to know. From eyeshadow secrets to contouring hacks, be ready to unlock a whole lot of secrets to making your makeup smoother and faster (saves your precious seconds). So, pick up your makeup bag, with a spoon and a fork (yeah!) and keep scrolling.

A lady with a clean and well-hydrated skin with towel-wrapped hair

1. Have a clean and well-hydrated skin

It’s not just a matter of having the products or knowing how to use them, having a good base for your makeup also matters. Your skin must be clean and well-moisturized. Do you know why it’s important to properly moisturize your skin before applying makeup? Here’s why:

  • Moisturizer smoothens skin’s surface for a more even foundation or concealer application.
  • It helps the makeup to stay on longer and prevents the skin from looking dull. 

I feel this is the primary step, as bad skin can make your makeup look cakey and dull, even if you expertly apply your makeup. 

2. Product Order Makes The Difference

When applying your makeup, you need to take into account the proper steps of application. Don’t just apply your makeup product as you want. Have an order that works for you. A makeup trick that will help beginners is to start with the eye makeup first. As a matter of habit, we usually start with foundation, concealers and powder, but the idea is to focus on the eye makeup first. This way, if any eyeshadow residue falls on the skin, you can easily wipe it off or cover with concealer.

3. Foundation Or Concealer First?

There has been a lot of views and opinions on this particular question from makeup gurus. Should you apply your foundation or concealer first? Well, depending on your choice, you could either apply your foundation or concealer first.

But left to me, applying your foundation first, then concealer gives the best look. Applying your concealer on your foundation and evenly dab (not drag) into your skin is the secret to cake-free coverage. If you apply your concealer first, you may end up wiping off most of it as you sweep the foundation over your face, which can result in a cakey look. Asides from that, the foundation creates an even base for applying your concealer. This gives a brighter and natural look, as it reduces discoloration and minor blemishes.

The right way of applying yapplying concealer in an inverted triangle shape versus applying concealer in a straight line

4. Apply your concealer in An Inverted Triangle

Whenever you are going to correct your dark circles, do not apply the concealer only in the darkest area, as this can highlight your puffiness, and make your makeup look evident and unnatural (not so good!). Always extend the product downwards forming an inverted triangular shape, then use a brush or your finger (ring finger) to blend everything into your skin. Makeup experts have proven that applying concealer in an inverted triangle on the face “helps to lift your look and hide any under-eye circle, makes your face appear brighter and more natural. 

5. Invest In Quality Brushes

It may seem silly, but it is essential to have at least some basic good brushes to get a quality makeover. It’s also important to know your makeup brushes and their uses. You should have these essential makeup brushes – foundation brush, powder brush, concealer brush, blush brush, blender, double-ended brow brush, contour brush, multi-tasking eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush.

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6. Easily Draw Your Winged Eyeliner Using A Spoon

To add a beautiful spark to your eyes, use eyeliner. Eyeliner dresses your eyes and improves your overall look. Although, most of us have difficulty drawing a perfect winged eyeliner, well, here is a makeup trick for you – use a spoon (Yeah, a spoon!). Place the handle of the spoon t the edge of your eyes to draw the wing. Then, use the curved part of the spoon to complete your look on the upper lashes. (Perfect!)

A lady scrubbing her lips

7. Exfoliate Dry Lips For A Smoother Lipstick Application

Applying lipstick on rough/chapped lips will give a rough lip look which you won’t like. To remove dead cells, exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub. This keeps your lip smooth, soft and gentle. Do not exfoliate more than once a week, using lip scrubs too frequently can irritate your lips.

A lady applying lip balm to her lips

8. Hydrate Your Lip To Keep It Soft And Supple

To prevent your lips from drying or cracking, hydrate your lips using a lip balm. Apply the lip balm on your lips and leave for a long time before applying your lipstick. The lip balm allows you to smoothly apply your lipstick.

9. Use A Mixture Of Light And Dark Coloured Eyeshadow

When choosing your eyeshadow shades, pick a light and dark color shade. Start by applying the lighter shade all over the lid, then apply a small amount of darker shade to your outer crease, and then, blend with your eyeshadow brush.

A lady applying blush to the temple of her cheeks

10. Relax When Applying Your Blush

You might have been told to always smile when applying your blush. But do you care to know the truth? You don’t need to at all. When you smile, your cheeks go up and once you relax your face, your blush ends up far too low, which gives you a tired or sometimes terrible look. When applying your blush, make sure to relax your face. Apply to the center of your cheeks and blend it up towards your cheekbones and temples.

11. Do not Overcoat Your Lips

While you may think multiple coats of lipstick is the key to a bold lip. The truth is too many coats of lipstick look heavy and may smear if worn throughout the day. Instead, touch up with matte lip balm to add color.

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12. Contour Your Nose With A Fork

Yes! A fork. Place the fork on your nose, letting the center matches with the bridge of your nose. Use a darker contour in the spaces between the outer prongs (just a thin line, don’t fill the whole gap). Then, add a lighter color to the middle prong (this should be thicker, filling the whole gap). Remove the fork and use your brush or sponge to blend the products. And yeah! There you have it! Your perfect contoured nose in just a few seconds.

A lady using white eyeliner on her eye

13. Make Your Eyeshadow Pop Using A White Eyeliner

You can make your dull eyeshadow pop by using white eyeliner. White is a natural choice to highlight any color. Apply the white eyeliner on your eyelid, use an eyeshadow brush to blend it evenly across your eyes. The white eyeliner provides a bright base so your eyeshadow can look more pigmented.

14. Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Is there a color of your eyeshadow that you think will make sense when used on the lips? Or probably, you got your eyeshadow broken? Well, you don’t have to throw it away if the color is making sense. Mash your eyeshadow into powder and mix with petroleum jelly (Vaseline is fine). 

Another makeup tip is that you can convert your lipstick to lip gloss. Melt a little of your lipstick and mix it with petroleum jelly.

15. Tweeze Your Eyebrow Without Pain

Removing facial hair can be quite painful. To keep it less painful, here is a tip for you. Massage the area you want to tweeze with an ice block for a few seconds. Then remove the hair using your tweezers. Yup! Less painful right? That’s because cold reduces pain.

A lady applying mascara using a spoon as a shield

16. Put On Your Mascara Without Staining Your Makeup

Applying mascara on your eyelid may get your makeup messy sometimes. When you want to apply your mascara, place a spoon over your eyes. Brush as much as you want to, no worries, all the stains are going to be on the spoon. You can also do that for your lower eyelids by placing the spoon under your eyes. Or better still, a tissue paper. Place a tissue under your eyes and then brush your eyelids.

17. Tone Too Much Blush With Foundation

Your blush should look natural and not like clown makeup. But if by chance, you end up putting too much on your face, don’t use the makeup remover as this can wipe off your foundation or concealer as well. Instead, tone it down by dabbing a bit of liquid foundation over it. Then, use a wet makeup sponge to evenly blend it. This will tone down the blush color, leaving a natural rosy glow.

18. Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth Using Your Index Finger

After applying your lipstick, stick your index finger (clean!) into your mouth, wrap your lips around it and pull it out. This will remove any lipstick that was supposed to stain your teeth.

A shiny lip

19. Blot Your Lipstick With Shimmer

Covering your lipstick with a tissue and then applying your setting powder over the tissue is a trick that will prevent your lipstick from being dull. Do not apply your setting powder straight on your lipstick – your lips will look dull and may crease. But, how about making your lips shine more. Place a tissue on your lips and dust with a shimmer. The tissue will prevent too much from getting to your lips. Now, your lips have a whole new shimmering look. (Muah!)

Fixing of broken lipstick using lighter

20. Fix Your Broken Lipstick

Broke your favorite lipstick? Not to worry, there’s a way to fix that back. Melt the broken parts together over a flame (candle or lighter). Do not melt for too long though or you might end up melting your whole lipstick. Then, place in a fridge to keep them stuck together. (Your lipstick is back!)

Washing of makeup brushes

21. Clean Your Makeup Brushes And Sponges

Lastly, proper care of your makeup tools is optimally important. Clean your makeup brushes and sponges so that they become clear of your makeup products. Not washing your brushes and sponges create a home for harmful bacteria which can lead to different breakouts on your face. Breakouts can be frustrating, so do well to avoid them by properly cleaning your makeup tools.

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