Highlighter 101 - The Ultimate Guide To Highlighters

You Don’t Know Everything About Your Highlighter

Highlighter palette

What are highlighters?

Highlighters are light-reflecting makeup products. They enhance your complexion and give your skin an even-toned radiant appearance. They accentuate your favorite facial features in a subtle, natural way.

Types of highlighters

Highlighters come in:

1. Liquid

liquid highlighter

2. Cream

cream highlighter

3. Powder

Powder highlighter

Cream highlighters give the most natural finish as they melt naturally into the skin.

Liquid and powder highlighters are more noticeable as they usually sit on the skin. You can go for them if you want a more noticeable look, probably a photoshoot.

How to choose the right highlighters

  1. Choose the right shade of highlighter that matches your skin tone. Using the right shade will help you create an even-toned natural appearance. 
  2. Consider your skin type. If you have dry skin, you can opt for liquid or cream highlighters. Powder highlighters will work well on oily skin types.
  3. The type of highlighter you use also depends on your other makeup formula. If you are using a liquid foundation, use a liquid highlighter. You don’t want to use a powder highlighter over a liquid foundation to avoid caking.
  4. Stay away from highlighters that are too sparkly. If you use it, it can make you look as if you just smeared glitters on your face (shiny shiny like the shiny crab in Moana). Unless you want to be noticed 100 miles away, stay away from sparkly highlighters.
  5. Go for a super fine micro-shimmer. (Omg!) They give a soft, lustrous look. Just perfect.

Different ways to use a highlighter

Highlighters are multipurpose makeup products. They can be used as a highlighter which is the main thing they are produced for (lol). They can also be used as eyeshadows. No need to stress for blush when you have a pink highlighter. Pink highlighters do pretty well as blush.

How To Apply Your Highlighter

  1. Use a fan brush or highlighter brush when applying powder highlighter to specifically apply the powder to the areas of your face you want glowing.
  2. Use a makeup sponge for liquid and cream highlighters or better still, your fingers.
  3. Here’s a little trick for you, apply concealer first on the points you want to highlight to create a more illuminating effect. The concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation.
A lady using a fan brush to apply highlighter on her face

Where To Apply Your Highlighter

The specific points to apply your highlighter depend on your facial shape and features. Apply your highlighter to the high points of your face and areas where light naturally reflects. Here are a few common points to apply your highlighter:

  1. The bridge of your nose – makes your nose look narrower
  2. The tops of your cheekbones – enhance and elongates your face
  3. The brow bone – adds shape and defines your eye area
  4. The tip of your nose
  5. The center of your chin
  6. The cupid’s bow – creates dimension and volume to your lips.
  7. The center of your forehead 
  8. The inner corner of your eyes – make your eyes pop and look brighter
  9. Your under-eye area – to cover up dark circles and look more awake.

You can also play around by applying your highlighter to different points on your face until you hit the right spot for your face.

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