A cup will different types of makeup brushes

21 Types Of Makeup Brushes You Need And How To Use Them

The right brushes give the right look. With the long list of makeup brushes with different styles, different bristles and different looks, it’s okay to be a little confused. I’m here with an easy guide to the 21 types of makeup brushes you might come across, how to use them and also with their pictures so you can easily match them to the ones in your makeup sets (Super helpful)…

A lady taking a shower

15 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid For An Healthier Skin

You’ve been showering for almost your entire life, but have you ever put a thought on the things you could be doing wrong. Well, “what’s there to taking a shower?” Just to hop in, turn on the dial, lather up and enjoy the hot steaming water, isn’t that what you are thinking? Yeah, that’s it and that’s not it. There’s more to showering than just hopping in and hopping out.

Coconut oil

15 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

Facial skin is more delicate, thinner and sensitive as compared to the rest of the body. The internet is raging with several beauty trends, emergency fixes and home remedies for a beautiful face. While you might get some of the results overnight, it can prove to be detrimental eventually.