7 Simple Tips To Help You Manage Your Acne Well And Keep A Smoother Face

The Simplest Ways To Manage Your Acne

Treating of acne face

“It’s what’s inside that counts”. We’ve often heard that while growing up. Yes, our beautiful heart really counts and is more meaningful but if you are dealing with serious skin issues like acne or blackheads, you might lose your confidence and it might affect the way you interact with the outside.

Anyone can get acne but it varies in severity from person to person due to different factors like hormone changes and genetic factors. According to a recent study, acne contributes to mental health issues like depression.

It can be frustrating to not know what to do, jumping from one hurdle to another. No matter what you do, it simply gets worse or not anyhow better. Even all the overnight internet miracles couldn’t last. Everything is just muddled up. It’s okay. Acne can be very serious and frustrating. But perhaps, there are a few little things you’ve been overlooking which may have contributed to its severity. Here are 7 simple acne tips revealed by experienced dermatologists that can help you manage your acne well.

1. Opt for a mild non-abrasive cleanser

Gentle cleansers are your best bet if you are suffering from acne. Wash your face with the cleansers once or twice a day using lukewarm water (do not use very hot water). Asides from that, always make sure to clean your face after a workout or after sweating too much. So, the next time you are going to the gym, pack your face wash in your bag. Learn to moisturize after cleansing your face to prevent dryness. Use non-comedogenic moisturizers. 

A lady washing her face

2. Cease from over washing your face

You might think frequent washing your face will reduce your acne but in a more natural sense, it can actually make it worse. When you wash your face almost every minute, you strip your skin of its natural oils which can leave your skin dry, red and irritated. What is funny yet natural is that your skin will also continue to naturally produce more oil to supplement the dryness which can make your acne worse. So, you are getting back what you’re trying to prevent.

3. Don’t conceal your acne with makeup

Many if not all of us are guilty of this. Every day, we try to conceal our acne with lots of makeup. Trust me, it’s a bad idea. The heavier your makeup, the more you are blocking your pores which leads to more acne. Heavier makeup, more acne. By now, different thoughts must have been running through your mind, “will I now stay away from makeup” or “how do I go out looking like this?”

Well, you don’t have to stay completely away from makeup. Firstly, your makeup doesn’t have to be too heavy, do it lightly. Don’t mask your face with too much concealer. Secondly, opt for mineral makeup. And lastly, clean your makeup as soon as possible (don’t ever sleep with it).

4. Never sun-dry yourself

I’ve seen people with acne intentionally staying/working under the sun just because they believe the sun can help dry out their acne. Well, I can’t blame them because they think they are gaining Vitamin D from the sun while in the real sense, they are roasting their face. Though, it’s a true fact that Vitamin D from the sun has microbial properties and can help reduce inflammations, too much time in the sun doesn’t do your skin any good. It can cause skin damage or worst still skin cancer. Whether you’re suffering from acne or not, always use your sunscreen when going out.

5. Avoid physical exfoliators

Stay away from harsh abrasive exfoliants. If you want to exfoliate, go for gentle chemical exfoliants. Also, scrub your face gently (don’t be aggressive) for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

A lady exfoliating her face

6. Learn to remove your hand from your face

It’s very annoying to see those little zits pop on your face and there is this urge to quickly pop the life out of it so it can dry out quickly. (You come out, I pop you, you won’t live, lol!). Doing that will only make you cruel to your skin. When you see a new pimple, do not pop, pick or squeeze it. Let me teach you a better way, apply your acne-care routine immediately and leave it to work.

A lady popping her pimple (acne)

7. See a dermatologist

If you have serious acne problems, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. Your dermatologist will be able to provide the right ideas, tips and medications purposely for you. Avoid over-the-counter medications and all these internet overnight miracles. Before you apply anything to your acne, consult your dermatologist to check if it’s right for you.

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