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Acne can be serious and frustrating but there are few proven ways you can go about it - the first of which and perhaps most important include having a new and consistent skincare routine.

It’s a headache to deal with pimples and what is even more annoying is dealing with the aftermath - dark spots, which are often trickier to treat. Getting rid of dark spots on your skin starts with understanding what causes them in the first place.

Rouge, popularly known as “blush” and also known as “blusher” is a cosmetic used for adding a flush of color to the cheeks in a variety of shades. You might think it’s a new addition to makeup, but as a matter of fact, rouge (or blush as you know it) has been in existence for decades now.

Anyone can get acne but it varies in severity from person to person due to different factors like hormone changes and genetic factors. It can be frustrating to not know what to do, jumping from one hurdle to another. No matter what you do, it simply gets worse or not anyhow better. Acne can be very serious and frustrating. But perhaps, there are a few little things you’ve been overlooking which may have contributed to its severity...

21 Best Makeup Tips That Will Make Your Life A 100 Times Easier

Whether you are a beginner or a beauty pro, you can’t go wrong with knowing a few makeup tips and tricks that will make your life 100 times easier. I’m here with the 21 best makeup tricks and secrets you would love to know. From eyeshadow secrets to contouring hacks, be ready to unlock a whole lot of secrets to making your makeup smoother and faster (saves your precious seconds). So, pick up…


Facial skin is more delicate, thinner and sensitive as compared to the rest of the body. The internet is raging with several beauty trends, emergency fixes and home remedies for a beautiful face. While you might get some of the results overnight, it can prove to be…

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